If you are having trouble using the Shared Slides Clicker, check below for solutions to common problems.

Meet overlay controls are not advancing slides despite being connected
  • Click the Shared Slides Clicker icon, then click the Settings button
  • Click Sign Out and then click Sign In.
  • Then reload your Meet window and try again.
Meet overlay says "Waiting for presentation"
  • Check if the presenter has started the presentation. If not, wait for them to start.
  • Ask the presenter to click the Shared Slides Clicker icon in their Chrome extensions bar and then click the "Share this presentation" button (if present).
  • Ask the presenter to refresh their Google Slides browser tab and re-present.
  • Ask the presenter to close their browser re-open it.
Keyboard shortcuts are not working
  • When entering the URL of the Google Presentation to control, make sure to click the toggle next to "Keyboard Shortcuts"
  • Keyboard shortcuts are temporarily disabled when the sidebar in Meet is open to prevent conflicts. Close the sidebar and see if keyboard shortcuts work again.
A different issue, or the above recommendations didn't help